Preity Zinta hits back at Media

  Preity Zinta, is one such bold and daring film stars of Bollywood, who never loses courage, to voice her honest opinions on issues. Even if her opinions, breed controversies, Preity never dreads about such situation and manages it well. A few days back, when Preity went to visit Shirdi, she had to come back hurriedly, instead of peacefully praying due to media’s interference. Obviously, she did not expect so much rush and “commercialisation” of the pilgrim town, where celebs who visit the shrine to pray, are bothered by media.
She was very upset with media, and even tweeted about it. We hear about cat fights between Bollywood actresses, but Preity seems to opt out for a different kind of tiff. She is disturbed by media, who makes big fuss. But, being an actress herself, and working in front of the camera for several years, why Preity does not enjoy media attention, is a question.
On that particular day, after returning from Shirdi, Preity tweeted that she cannot understand why is media entertained in the pilgrim town, where people go to pray, and get blessings from God! A temple trustee wanted to take a photograph with her, and all this resulted in a ruckus. Instead of praying in front of Sai Baba, Preity had to deal with media. She added that, not all celebs go to shrines to seek media attention, some really go for praying. And to disturb anyone while they pray, even if he or she is a film star, is what Preity calls ‘Bad Karma’.


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