One night stand offered to Mink Singh with a pay of few lakhs

 The term ‘Casting couch’ is linked with the film industry for a long time, which means the young aspirants especially female, who aspires to be a heroine, are sexually exploited in lieu of roles in movies. But its existence has been denied by many directors and producers. Also, the film Industry is heard to have connections with flesh trade, and several South Indian film heroines are alleged to be involved in prostitution.
Mink Singh has affirmed the news that in fact many heroines are involved in one night stands and prostitutions, which offers them more money in a single night, than they can earn by doing a film. A pimp contacted Mink few days back, and at first he said that she will be given 10 lakhs for a saree advertisement if she agrees to model for the saree brand. Later, he called her again on March 1st, when he revealed that she needs to spend time with a customer for few hours in a five star hotel. On being cross questioned by Mink, he even revealed that many other heroines are involved in this racket, and business men, politicians pay them large amount of money, to spend the night together. And this offer, could let Mink get even up to 15 lakhs, per night.
Mink turned the offer down, but still the man keeps on calling her several times.


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