Pak Band ‘Jal’ To Compose For Bollywood Films

Music and films have always united the two countries, India and Pakistan. The musical exchange improved the emotional bond between the citizens of the nations too. This time, the Pakistani band ‘Jal’ has got an opportunity to compose music for a couple of Bollywood movies.

‘Jal’ is not a new name for India. Earlier, in 2005, the band’s former member Atif Aslam sang the song ‘Adat’ for the Bollywood movie Kalyug. The band was formed in 2002 by Goher Mumtaz (vocals and guitar) and Atif Aslam (vocals). The song ‘Adat’ became very popular and went to the top of the charts. Atif Aslam also became popular voice with the song, but severed his ties with the band ‘Jal’ later.
The reformed band is back again after five years, to compose for the upcoming movies of Kaizad Gustad and Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra.
Goher Mumtaz, the founder member, who is also the lead guitarist and songwriter, said, “We are composing for some Bollywood numbers and would like to do many more in future.”
‘Jal’ has made an easy entry into Bollywood as their early compositions have already good audience here. This has inspired the band to release their third album in India, in the month of July. Mumtaz added, “We are thrilled to shoot our videos here. Very soon, we will come to India for the last round up tour and a number of meetings. We will also finalize some tie-ups for our next album. Then, we will be back to the studios to focus on our next album, which is almost complete.”
Mumtaz added that the new vocalist Farhan Saeed and Aamis Sheraz have given him the scope to experiment with the sound.

Harry Potter 7

Shahid invited for special screening of Kareena's film

Karan Johar is known to have played agony aunt in the past; in trying to patch up co-actors like Kareena Kapoor and Abhishek Bachchan and of course, Aishwarya Rai and Shah Rukh Khan (who had had a fallout during the making of Chalte Chalte).

But it seems the producer is now concentrating on mending his own relationships. Person in question: Shahid Kapoor.

Shahid and Karan had supposedly had a fallout with one another after Shahid had walked out of Karan’s film Kaal in 2005 because he apparently was not too happy with his role in the film.

Though Vivek Oberoi later replaced him, Shahid’s relationship with Karan had turned a bit sour by then.

Years later, Karan is making amends. The producer has been apprehensive about his film We Are Family and how it will be received. Agreed.

But when people spotted Shahid Kapoor entering a multiplex in Andheri to attend a special screening of We Are family, they were surprised. Obviously, Shahid had been invited for this screening by Karan.

Though one can’t completely discount the fact that Shahid may have wanted to attend the first screening of a film that his ex-lover Kareena Kapoor is a part of, there’s definitely more to this story. Is Karan building new bridges with Shahid? Only time will tell.

Konkona and Ranvir to marry today

 Your favourite Mrs Iyer will soon be Mrs Shorey in real life. Confused? The talented actress Konkona Sen Sharma is all set to tie the knot with her long-time boyfriend actor Ranveer Shorey.

The tentative wedding day is September 3. Both Ranvir and Konkona have been dating each other for the past three years and have been living in together.

The marriage has been kept under wraps and only a couple of close friends are aware of it. The wedding will take place at their Goregaon residence this Friday.

Our source said, “Konkona Sen Sharma and Ranvir have always believed in keeping their personal life, private. They have never spoken about each other in the media and although everyone is aware about their relationship status, they have not let the media peep into their lives.

Now they are all set to tie the knot on the 3rd of this month and the wedding is also an extremely private affair. Very close friends are aware of it and only a couple of them are invited.

They plan to break the news after they get married this Friday. Konkona’s mother Aparna Sen is already in town for the wedding and everything is set.”

The source further said, “Ranvir’s film The Film Emotional Atyachar is slated for release on September 3 and he is promoting the film everywhere. But he has not informed anyone amongst the cast and crew of the film about his wedding plans.”

Both Ranvir and Konkona were unavailable for comments but we understand why. Best of luck guys!

A perfect role for Aamir in DELHI BELLY!

For quite sometimes, media has been agog with rumours regarding Aamir's next production venture, DELHI BELLY. A lot has been talked and written about the project, right from Aamir Khan playing a negative character to his nephew, Imran Khan (JT...YJN fame) being signed as one of the lead stars. So, what's the true picture?
                          Well, as we all know, the film is being directed by Abhinav Deo, son of veteran actors, Ramesh and Seema Deo. It will be an English film and will have a mix of Bollywood and Hollywood crew. The dark comedy has been written by Akshat and like the previous two films produced by Aamir Khan (TAARE ZAMEEN PAR and JAANE TU...YA JAANE NA), the script of this film too had been rejected by makers (a good omen indeed!) who were unable to grasp the subtle humour and relate to the script. Aamir and his wife Kiran simply loved the story, which had them in splits throughout the story session.
                          The film is all set to roll very soon but Aamir Khan is yet to decide the lead star cast. Though it is being said that there is a role which is perfect for Aamir in the film, he has not given his consent as such. As of now, Aamir has just decided to produce DELHI BELLY, which he calls a very different film!
Different indeed! We are already looking forward to another superb offering from the perfectionist Khan.

Katrina Kaif ridicules Aamir Khan's nephew!

 Since last few days tabloids have been carrying reports about how a miffed Katrina Kaif has walked out of Sanjay Gadhvi’s 7 Days in Paris because of her to be co-star Imran Khan’s constant interference in the scripting.

When asked in an interview about Imran Khan, she asked ‘who is Imran’. Interestingly, these two have signed on for another Yash Raj film that is to go on floors soon. Lets hope Kat doesn’t get too miffed with Immy and hates him more than he hates luv storys!

Whitney Houston Spending $ 300,000 a year on Durgs

WHITNEY Houston spends a whopping $300,000- a year on drugs — according to a bombshell new report.

American tabloid the National Enquirer claims the troubled singer’s entourage recruited a drug dealer who sold her $6,000 worth of cocaine during a tour stop in Europe in June.
 Source say Whitney — who  claimed to be drug-free during her TV interview with Oprah Winfrey – is locked in a downward spiral as she shells out an average of $6,300 a week to feed her habit.
“Whitney is a dead woman walking! With the amount of drugs she’s buying, she won’t be able to live long. She’ll be dead in months,” said Houston’s friend Marlon David, a party promoter.
“A friend of mine who’s based in Switzerland is a drug dealer who deals in cocaine.
“One of Whitney’s people called him and said, ‘Whitney wants to party’.”

Soha Ali Khan trapped in an MMS scandal

After Katrina Kaif's alleged sex scandal, it's the turn of the Rang De Basanti girl, Soha Ali Khan. This bold actress is trapped in an MMS scandal. It is reported that during her routine bikini waxing session in a beauty salon, her naked body was caught in a hidden camera.

The video shows her getting undressed and wearing a towel and after some time the salon attendant waxes her bare body. It is reported that the video was shot without the knowledge of the actress, as she seemed to be very comfortable during the waxing session. The video has been shot in two parts; 'before' and 'after' the waxing session.

The MMS clip is highly in demand and is hovering the internet with a rage. The video is available at the cost price of $20 to $30.

Man Posting Emma Watson's Naked Pics Not Jailed

A British man who created digitally-altered photos of naked and posted them on the internet has been spared jail. John Cavanagh mocked up eight pictures of the " Harry Potter " star by digitally placing her head onto another girl's body, before uploading them onto the web in May.

The fake images of the star, along with inappropriate snaps of minors, were discovered on Cavanagh's computer when officials tried to evict him from his home in Manchester, England . He pleaded guilty to 19 counts of making an indecent image of a child and a judge at Manchester Crown Court warned him he faced a jail term - but during a hearing on Tuesday, August 31 he escaped a prison sentence.

Cavanagh was instead given a three-year community order with three years' supervision and ordered to sign the sex offenders register. He also had to agree not to contact Watson for five years and was banned from using the internet for anything other than searching for employment.

Daniel Radcliffe's Shocking Confession : " I Love Karaoke "

DANIEL Radcliffe is a closet karaoke fan!

The Harry Potter actor says he stunned his costars when he took to the mic during a recent night out.

“I love karaoke,” he said. “I am one of those people who says, ‘No, no, I can’t, I couldn’t possibly, no I won’t… All right, give me the mic!’ And then I’m elbowing other people out of the way to get to the stage.

“I sang Elvis Presley’s Hound Dog. That, and then I did Feeling Good by Muse. That was my proudest moment, because I actually did that rather well. I was really pleased, because I can sing. I’ve been having singing lessons for two and a half years. I’m not amazing, obviously, but I’m all right.”

Radcliffe recently revealed he wants a cameo on the hit TV show Glee.

I would consider it,” he said.
“I mean of course… it’s an amazing show and I [would] obviously be honored to be asked.
“I’m not sure I’m ready for that yet. They’ve got standards like Kristin Chenoweth!”

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