Anupama Verma looking very Hot in new photo

Anupama Verma Looking Very Hot in new photo. Anupama Verma in sexy blue choli.

Sofia Hayat showing her huge cleavage

Sonakshi Sinha on The Cover of Cosmopolitan India

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Bollywood doesn’t define fashion, it influences it: Rick Roy

Many feel Bollywood films have become one of the biggest platforms to launch new trends, but Rick Roy begs to differ and says there are many more channels that people take style inspiration from.
“Bollywood doesn’t define fashion, it definitely influences it to some extent but doesn’t define it. People have too much access to the world of fashion now, and a lot of availability of those clothes as well,” Roy told IASN.
He recently dressed Sonakshi Sinha and Akshay Kumar for their upcoming flick “Joker”, a sci-fi comedy directed by Shirish Kunder. It is all set to release Aug 31.
“It was a pleasure dressing Sonakshi Sinha and Akshay Kumar in ‘Joker’. They were super fun and pretty open to ideas, quite understanding and accommodating. I had a great time and Shirish supported me in every step and the work became very smooth,” he told IANS.
The film is set in a village, so Roy tried to keep the outfits as traditional as he could and added: “I made sure the style of their clothes are authentic and didn’t experiment with that too much. I added different colours and texture to the style and a lot of crazy funky accessories to the look. It all goes with the story and as per the progression of the script.”
A well-known designer in Bollywood, Rick Roy has also designed costumes for “Jannat 2″, “Raaz 3″ and “Himmatwala” remake.
Talking about his techniques, he said: “I do exactly what’s needed from the film and exactly what my directors visualise the characters to be like.
“I have done six films in one-and-a-half year and each one of them has a very different look. ‘Jannat 2′, ‘Joker’, ‘Raaz 3′, ‘Inkaar’, ‘Ghanchakkar’ and ‘Himmatwala’ all are extremely different from one another.”
Best part is that Roy’s costumes has never been refused by any actor and he believes “as long as you are following the correct brief for the character and keep in mind the comfort factor of the person wearing it, there are very little chances of going wrong.”
Roy loves making glamorous outfits.
“I actually cherish the fact that I’m associated with glamour. I like doing clothes that make a person look and feel glamorous. There is no down side to it,” he said.

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