Aamir Khan's Prelude!

With films which made characters like Amar, Prem, ACP Rathod famous and eternal, the movies that established a genre, that taught the youngistan words like ‘aila”, and “uima’, with a tinge of nationalistic feeling have somehow obliterated in the dark.
Aamir Khan says they need to be revised and revived. With the latent potentiality they carry, they can be made a sequel. These were no common movies of the time, a rare comedy and a rare patriotism. According to Aamir a sequel should be such that would bring to life original character and in the same time maintain the essence of the movie.
This can only be achieved keeping the same characters in the sequel but with a different and more elevating story line. After all every fan is interested to know what happens next? What is in store after the happy ending? Though he just confesses his heart he is not actually in anyway planning any such sequel. But the good news is he has given an idea to the film-makers. With sequels in vogue everywhere, this could be exhilarating for both the audience and the performers.
While talking about his innate ideas he did not fail to state how Dhoom has exemplified the forerunner concept. It has a different concept every time with the same base. Well let’s see now what the perfectionist has to deliver if such sequel is made.
Nevertheless with Aamir Khan already having the seed planted in our minds, we have our hopes raised.


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