Sunidhi Chauhan: What makes her ‘click’?

 B-town talented crooner Sunidhi Chauhan has her plate full after her successful hits last year with film recordings, concerts, etc. people wonder how she is able to maintain her success and what makes her click. Well, it her hard work and dedication but apart from that it’s her passion that rules her.
 Apart from singing Sunidhi also has the passion of photography that runs in her musical veins.
 The ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’ singer is absolutely crazy about taking pictures wherever she goes, such as Agra, Delhi, Jaipur, and on trips abroad. She is so dedicated and serious about photography, that on a recent trip to Dubai for a concert, she spent around 2 lakhs on a high end SLR camera! The crooner such a creative flair for taking unique pictures, that her friends and family constantly beseech her to be the official photographer at all family functions, events and gatherings!
 Sources also tell us that Sunidhi is apparently in talks for a book deal to publish her photographs!
 ‘Picture that’, now we come to know what makes Sunidhi ‘click’ right.


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