Vivek Oberoi Locked For 2 Hours!

Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi, who tied the knot with Priyanka Alva in the recent past, went through a bizarre incident. It all happened when he appeared for a brick-laying event on the request of a rights group in Delhi. He paid a visit to the slum locale in Delhi called ‘Bavana’. Well, the reason of his appearance was that he had to put the initial brick to mark the start of a new house which will be built to accommodate slum dwellers.
People who were used to live in the slums situated at the rear end of the river Yamuna were recently asked to shift to ‘Bavana’ so that the place could be rehabilitated and made cleaner and greener to live in. So a new house will be constructed in ‘Bavana’ for those slum dwellers who are  presently out of their original huts.
Vivek was so pleased to attend the occasion that he left his guards back home. He wanted to make the people feel that he is not a celebrity there but a common man.  But little did he know that situation will get out of control there. Over 2000 villagers gathered to catch a glimpse of the actor and they went crazy and wild on seeing their favorite actor in such near proximity. So to control the situation, Vivek had to stay locked inside a room for almost 2 hours. Police took charge of the situation sometime later.
Well Vivek, we suggest you take along your guards with you in the future at any event.


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