Jena Malone Cried on First Day of 'Sucker Punch' Filming

Jena Malone broke down in tears on her first day of filming forthcoming action movie "Sucker Punch" after completing a series of excruciating stunts. The actress plays one of a group of weapon-wielding female inmates who band together to break out of an asylum and take down their captors.

Malone underwent vigorous training with her co-stars Vanessa Hudgens, Abbie Cornish and Emily Browning, but admits nothing could have prepared her for the punishing shoot. She tells Britain's Total Film magazine, "I had to learn everything from (handling) swords to guns to burlesque dancing."

"In a lot of ways it felt like being in an asylum. You come in and you're given vitamins, you have very specific breaks, your whole day is scheduled. And then you're just getting the s**t kicked out of you. I remember the first day I was just crying, my whole body was red."


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