Guzaarish – Aishwarya Caught Betwwen Love And Duty!

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, the beautiful nurse called Sofia in Guzaarish has to go through some very tough decisions in the movie. Guzaarish sees Ash essaying the character of a very matured, confident and bold nurse, who does not hesitate to sacrifice her life for the sake of love and duty.
The movie will see her taking a bold step of taking all the responsibility in her own hands to help her patient to go into a deep sleep for good! In other words, she decides to grant Ethan her patient the wish to end his life, even though that would mean she would be put behind bars on charges of a severe crime.
The fact that her patient, Ethan Mascarenhas played by Hrithik Roshan decides to end his life after fighting with a paralytic attack for fourteen years is like a sudden shock to all connected with the character Ethan. His doctor urges him not to punish himself, the court orders the request to be rejected downright, but Sofia is the only person who decides to give him relief from the pain and suffering. But just before she helps in to end his sufferings, she gifts him one last night of blissful love and hope.
Sofia’s decision to spend the last night with Ethan was more for the love or for the duty is certainly hard to decide. The pathos and irony of the entire climax of the movie certainly calls for some thought over the distinction between love and duty.
However, the underlying current of deep pain just cannot be missed out in the fact that life ends the moment one gets complete satisfaction out of one’s circumstances. So watch the movie to see Sofia caught between love and duty.


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