I was very naïve before, not any more: Rani Mukerji

 Rani Mukerji, who comes from a film family and has been active in the industry for 13 years, says she was naïve and innocent but has become smarter with time.
“From the time I began to now the only change in me has been that I have become more confident. I was very naïve and innocent before. I have become smarter now because you have to be smart to be in this industry,” Rani told IANS
“When I had started I used to get hurt about certain things, but today I have been able to develop a slightly thicker skin than I had. That has been the only change in me,” added the 32-year-old.
The actress is all set for “No One Killed Jessica”, where she will be playing a news
reporter. Releasing Jan 7, the film, based on the murder of model Jessica Lall, is the first big release of the year.


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