Report: John Travolta and James Franco to Play the Gottis

 John Travolta and James Franco are in talks to play father and son in a new film about America's notorious crime family the Gottis. Producer Marty Ingels, who was spotted dining with Travolta in California on Monday, January 24 night, has revealed the "Grease" star will play John Gotti in the film, while Franco is in the running to play John Gotti, Jr, according to

"The Notebook" director Nick Cassavetes is reworking the script.
Travolta recently turned down a guest starring role on "Glee", insisting he wouldn't have enough time time to rehearse. "[Glee people] have asked but when I do musicals I train for six to nine months...and a show like that is an on-demand thing. I really have a criteria or a pride that I would really wanna knock 'em dead, and I don't think I'd knock 'em dead in a week," he told ET.


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