It’s Pakistan Vs India Nomination This Week In Bigg Boss 4

The nomination process of this week was unique in Bigg Boss house. Earlier nominations were either done in front of everyone or by calling each of the housemates in the confession room. But this time, the inmates were called in pairs and they were allowed to nominate just one member unlike two members in earlier nominations.
As per the instructions of Bigg Boss, Khali was kept safe from the nomination process of this week. On the other hand, Begum was already nominated by Sakshi Pradhan when she went out of the house last week. The interesting part was that Hrishant Goswami and Veena Malik were called upon together for nominating a member. Both of them were known to be dead against each other and were often seen in war of words.
Finally, Bigg Boss announced three names, who have got maximum votes and they were two Pakistani inmates Veena Malik and Begum Nawazish Ali and Indian television actress and Bhojpuri film heroine Shweta Tiwari. So, it seems to be an India versus Pakistan competition this week!
Veena Malik has entertained the viewers with her teary eyes and self boasting comments. She offered the viewers a close view of her association with Pakistani cricketer Md Asif. But this was not enough to keep the viewers intact. So, she started speculating about the relation between Shweta and Manoj Tiwari thus leading to one more controversy. Veena has been a regular target of Hrishant and she is also trying to take full advantage of it by shedding some extra drops of tears.
On the other hand, Begum was the captain of the house for a week and has hardly remained attached to any controversy. But his dual personality attracted audiences across the country.
Again, Shweta is always considered to be a strong contender for her matured handling of  issues in the house. She has numerous fans thanks to her popular TV show. People are also curious to know about her life after splitting with hubby Raja Choudhary, who was also a contestant in the second season of the show.
In brief, it will be an interesting competition this week. Let’s wait till Friday to know who gets safe with maximum audience votes. Will the Pakistani artists be able to beat Shweta, who is already popular here?


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