Kareena Kapoor remains cool, as Priyanka Chopra makes her wait for hours

 Kareena Kapoor has got all that what it takes to be in the highest position in the film industry. She is gorgeous, she has style, she has the Kapoor spark, and moreover she is one of the most successful actresses of today. While on the other hand, Priyanka Chopra, former model and Miss world, is one of the hottest and talented Bollywood actresses. Her acting talents are constantly getting better, and her fan following is soaring high each day. Now, when both the hottest babes of the tinsel town come together, cat fights and face-off is the incontrovertible outcome.
Last Friday, at Yash Raj Studios in Mumbai, Piggy Chops was busy performing her act for an award ceremony. The stage was booked by Kareena at 12 a.m that day, and Bebo was all set for her performance; but, Priyanka continued till 4 a.m. and an exhausted Bebo went back home without rehearsing. Next morning, Bebo asked her manager to cancel the shooting date for “Bodyguard”, and headed to the studio for her performance. Priyanka’s manager commented that Piggy Chops was unaware of the fact that Kareena was waiting.
It was expected that a heated verbal argument between this two heroines will surface, but Bebo remained quiet and composed, as if totally unaffected by this humiliation meted out by Priyanka.


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