Britney 'Seal It With a Kiss' in New 'Femme Fatale' Song Snippet

Britney Spears sends her devotees into frenzy again with a series of short snippets ahead of her new album "Femme Fatale". Following "The Big Fat Bass" preview posted by on Sunday, now she's moving over to "Seal It With a Kiss" for the next sneak peek.

"Come here closer, don't be shy/ Cross my heart and hope to die/ Keep my secret, me and you/ And seal it with a kiss," Britney sings in the mid-tempo catchy track. This becomes the fifth track from the new CD which gets early preview.

The album will be made available for purchase in the U.S. on March 29 and celebrated with Britney's special performance on "Good Morning America". Beside going viral to promote the album, she will also appear in V magazine for its latest issue, posing for both the cover and its fashion spread.

A sneak peek to the photoshoot has been posted by Britney on her Twitter. When the printed publication is on newsstand sometime soon, there will be more to expect. E! Online reported there will be one showing her holding a kitten, another pic seeing her topless, and a third image featuring her in a man-tailored top and bra.

In its interview, she said of what she aims to achieve, "I think Femme Fatale speaks for itself. I worked really hard on it and spent almost two years recording it. I think it's the best album I have ever made. There's nothing to say. I'll let the music speak for me."

Talking about her new sound, she gushed, "I wanted to make a fierce dance record where each song makes you want to get up and move your body in a different way. That's what I want from the music I listen to. This record is for the clubs, or something you play before you go out at night. It's definitely my edgiest and most mature sound yet."

"There are song on this album that don't sound like anything else and are completely revolutionary, but I also believe that this album expresses where I am today as a woman and is an evolution of who I am."


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