'Glee' Covers Taylor Swift's 'Mean' in Nationals Episode

 Taylor Swift's song will be heard on "Glee" in the next two weeks. Creator Ryan Murphy revealed at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences' Screening on Tuesday, May 1 that Mark Salling's Puck and Dot Marie Jones' Coach Beiste will be featured covering "Mean" from the country music singer's second album "Speak Now" in the 20th episode, which follows the New Directions as they prepare for Nationals.

Also in the episode which will air May 15, there will be a body-swapping twist as a result of Tina's head injury. "Tina falls in a fountain in a mall and wakes up and everybody is someone else and it was the best thing ever," executive producer Ian Brennan spilled the beans on the plotline.

He went on sharing, "Tina becomes Rachel, Kurt becomes Finn, Puck becomes Blaine, it's the greatest! Naya as Kevin is hilarious, and then Kevin as Naya is hilarious and Harry as Joe Hart...Harry in dreads is literally the funniest thing ever."

On the same occasion, Murphy talked about Rachel's future after she choked during her performance in front NYADA's dean, played by Whoopi Goldberg. "The next episodes after this really deal with the implications and complications," the show's creator teased.

"The great thing about that character is that she just doesn't give up. That's a wonderful thing to write to, Rachel's tenacity. I think people love that about her, that she has a dream, even now. It's inspirational to a lot of kids to see a scene like that and not get what you want in the moment but to not give up. That's the idea of what the show is about."

As for Kurt and Blaine's relationship, Darren Criss claimed the couple is "pretty solid," but there will be "an occasional shake-up" between the two. "I don't foresee anything crazy happening to them anytime soon," the Blaine depicter added, while his on-screen boyfriend Chris Colfer said he wanted to see some drama from the pair.

Meanwhile, Jane Lynch who was interviewed by E! Online on the red carpet hinted that Dianna Agron's Quinn will not return to the show's fourth season. The Sue Sylvester of the musical series revealed that she got emotional when filming her last scene with the "I Am Number Four" beauty.

"It caught me by surprise," Lynch admitted. "It was kind of emotional doing my last scene with Dianna, and it really just caught me by surprise at how moving it was. She is just amazing and just a really nice person too. It was like saying goodbye to Dianna, which is a sad thing to do."


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