Aamir Khan Says “Dhobi Ghat Is More For The Females”

 Aamir Khan’s next Dhobi Ghat is releasing tomorrow and he has made it clear a hundred times already that his presence in the movie is not because of his relation with the director of the movie Kiran Rao. They are director-actor-producer team on the sets, and husband-wife at home.
So what’s new? Aamir has said in his latest interview that the movie may not be for all his fans, as there are more faces in the film than one.
He himself plays a detached painter in the movie, and says, it is a film which the intellectual type of audience will connect with. But more than art and literature lovers, it is the higher sensibilities of a woman’s heart which will find the movie worth watching!
Aamir, who has always been seen doing meaningful revolutionary roles or those associated with fun-on fun, has gone on to do a serious role this time in Dhobi Ghat. So unglamorous is this role that he says his learning of the past two decades in the industry has marred the performance’s raw needs and requirements.
Since the movie is based on a newcomer’s struggles in Mumbai, Krian Rao has cast fresh faces like Monica Dogra, Kirti Malhotra and Prateik Babbar in the movie. Aamir is perhaps the only star in the movie, when was not needed to be!


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