Another Pakistan Idol loser emerges as star by debut song

KARACHI: Waqas Ali, the guy who was eliminated from Pakistan Idol’s Top 8 Round, has become the first one among all those contestants who released his debut music video.
With the true heartfelt song ‘Tera Chehra’, the singer has shown off his potential and proved that his elimination was not a fair verdict of audience.
Comprising of soothing love tunes, wonderful cinematography and the impressive vocals of Waqas Ali have made his debut song to be in wish list.
First it was Maria Meer who was kicked out of the show from auditions stage but she was given a huge break by singer Amanat Ali. The talented Waqas Ali aka Vicky is very lucky to release his first music video on his own beating even winner Zamad Baig.
‘Tera Chehra’ song is a major breakthrough for the artist that will give him a boom in music industry and also it shows that not the very best has been chosen in the Pakistan Idol show.

Waqas Ali - Tera Chehra (Official Music Video) by pakiumdotcom


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