Bollywood News Yash Raj sells Satellite Rights to Sony for 75 cr?

Anything and everything to do with Salman Khan makes news. But this one has created ripples not just within the film fraternity, but also in the TV industry as also amongst the aam junta. A section of the media has reported that Yash Raj had sold the Satellite rights of EK THA TIGER to Sony for, hold your breath, a whopping Rs 75 crores. Yes, you read it right -- Rs 75 crores. If true, the price could change the dynamics of films starring A-list stars in times to come, with film-makers recovering their entire investment from the sale of Satellite Rights alone.

But the news is far from true! Let's get it straight from Sneha Rajani, the Sr Executive Vice President & Business Head, Sony Entertainment Television, "Let me set the record straight. Sony had clinched the deal for the Satellite Rights of EK THA TIGER almost 15/16 months ago, not last week or in the recent past. In fact, we clinched the deal even before they [Yash Raj] commenced filming EK THA TIGER. Besides, do you think we would've paid this ridiculous price 15/16 months ago? We wouldn't settle for it even today," Sneha clarifies.

Not wanting to comment on the actual price Sony has paid for the Satellite Rights of EK THA TIGER, Sneha adds, "The figure [75 cr] is miles away from the actual price paid by Sony. In fact, I wish to add that Yash Raj is an extremely responsible and professional setup and Yash-ji sees to it that not just his company, but even those who associate with Yash Raj benefit from the collaboration."

With Salman Khan becoming the invincible force at the BO thanks to back-to-back blockbusters, has Yash Raj revised the price of the Satellite Rights of EK THA TIGER? "Not at all! They are too professional. They would never ever indulge in something like this," Sneha replies instantly. Seems like Yash Raj believes in the now-legendary dialogue delivered by Salman in one of his earlier hits: 'Ek baar jo maine commitment kardi, uske baad to main khudki bhi nahin sunta.'


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