Deepika Padukone’s Red Bikini in Cocktail

 \Deepika Padukone has worn bikini tops (last seen in Housefull), but has never slipped into a two-piece bikini for a film before (although she’s done it all during her modeling days). In ‘Cocktail’ though, Deepika flaunts her well toned body in a hot red bikini.
Here are some screen captures from the Cocktail trailer, which features a short 2 second glimpse into the much talked about bikini sequence.

Some reactions to Deepika’s Bikini Scene
  • I can say without a doubt deepika padukone is the sexiest actress in bollywood right now.
  • Deepika is The Most Stunning heroine since Madhuri .. SHE IS PERFECT when it comes to looks!!!
  • She is one such lady who carries amazing charisma with her al d time.
  • The best part is, she has real legs… Not skinny like skank!
  • Never makes a hooha about wearing a bikini, so comfortable with her body. Deepika makes looking beautiful so simple
  • Looked beautiful in like Every single Scene of Cocktail, BUT in the Red Salwar & Bikini she was just *AHHMAZINNGG*


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