Emma Watson: `I can`t wait to be a mum`

Harry Potter star Emma Watson has said she cannot wait to have her own family and become a mother.
The 21-year-old is 'excited' and 'nervous' about what lies ahead for her outside of the wizard film franchise.
In an interview in the September edition of UK Company magazine, Watson said: 'I have very strong family values and I definitely hope that will be in my future. I can't wait to be a mum and have my own family one day.
'My parents remarried and I have younger half-brothers and sisters, so I think I've become pretty good with young kids.'
Discussing what qualities she likes in potential partners, Emma added: 'Kindness, good manners, intelligence, confidence and someone who can make me laugh.
'On a superficial level, I don't have a 'type'. You could line up photographs of all the guys I've dated and they look totally different. You won't believe me but it really is more to do with their personalities rather than looks.'
But the actress says it takes her a while to trust people - and she can easily spot who is only interested in her for her fame.
She said: 'It's easy to figure out who's who and, generally, I can just tell.
'It took me a year at university to trust anyone properly, but sometimes you have to take a risk because otherwise you're not really living and that's pretty sad.'


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