Kim Kardashian and Heidi Klum Become Running Buddies!

Looks like Kim Kardashian has found a new workout partner in Heidi Klum this week! The reality star filmed her spot as a guest judge on Project Runway a couple of days ago, and the gals apparently hit it off -- then hit the pavement this weekend.

"Thanks for motivating me to get up early! RT @heidiklum: We ran 4 miles today! Thanks for coming @KimKardashian" Kim wrote on her Twitter this morning, along with a picture of them post-workout. 

Heidi chimed in earlier on her Twitter page: "Running with a buddy keeps you going. I would have hit the snooze button this morning without a plan to meet them!"  

Kim's been exercising extra hard to get ready for her wedding, while Heidi, the insanely hot mom of 4, will be in her workout gear consistently for the next few months as part of her Summer Run routine. 

She wrote after her run with Kim: "Just going back to what I said yesterday, it's always good to work out with a buddy! My friend, Kim Kardashian, ran with me this morning. She was awesome! We took a walking break and she was the one who pushed us to start running again. We did 4 miles!"

The Project Runway host started the daily program, which is carefully documented on her website, a week ago and has already logged about 33 miles -- and counting! 


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