Is Pippa Middleton Over Her Boyfriend?

When Pippa Middleton became the new hot British thing, over-excitement was slightly quelched by word that she was taken by a handsome former cricket player, Alex Loudon. Meanwhile, Alex hasn't been spotted out recently while Pippa's been busy taking exotic trips and enjoying sports games withGeorge Percy, her former flame from 2008.

Is George, the son of the Duke of Northumberland, stealing her heart back? He is part of the exclusive "Pipparettes," the group of her closest family and friends, and is Pippa's boss for her new gig as a lobbyist for an energy company. But their ear-to-ear smiles and recent sunset boat ride in Madrid allude to more than "friends" or "business partners." Though we're not making any claims.

There are also (potentially far-off) rumors that Pippa might have a thing for more mischevious royal son Prince Harry. Who knew it was so complicated to be the Duchess of Cambridge's little sis!


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